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7th Cavalry at the Little Big Horn

Commanche - Keogh's steed

Captain Thomas "Tom" Ward Custer

Lt James "Jimmi" Calhoun

The Michigan Cavalry Wolverines

Isaiah Dorman the "Black White Man"

Major Marcus Albert Reno

Dr. James Madison DeWolf

Scout Mitch Bouyer

Lt Algernon Emory Smith

Scout White Man Runs Him

Lt Luther Rector Hare

Private John Martin

Scout Hairy Moccasin

The Other Private John Martin

Lt. Charles DeRudio

Lt Charles Albert Varnum

Captain George Wilhelmus Mancius Yates


7th Cavalry and the Plains Indian Wars

Battle of Bear Paw vs Chief Joseph

Major Joel Elliott

Sioux Treaty of 1868

Battle of Washita

A Horse Of A Different Color

Is History Repeating Itself?

Wild Bill Hickok Shoots Two 7th Troopers

Felix Villiet Vinatieri


General Custer's other Cavalry Commands

Private Norvell Churchill