I have a few VHS cassettes about General George Armstrong Custer, the US 7th Cavalry, and the Indian Wars. I still buy some out of production cassettes and convert them to DVD format.




This is card #45 of the 1966 'Good Guys and Bad Guys' collection. The written material on the back of the card must have been written by a devout Custer-hater. The card itself is in mint condition. As you can see the likeness to General Custer is horrendous, kind of like an old John Carradine Custer.


This is card #55 from the mid-1930's 'Indian Gum' collection. The written material on the the back slurs the great leader Sitting Bull and is inaccurate in stating "there was no peace in death for his enemies proceded to cut out the heart which never knew fear.". Well, they got the "never knew fear part" right.