I LOVE t-shirts. I have several hundred to my wife's dismay. I'll eventually get all my General George Armstrong Custer and Indian related ones out here. I'm also a sucker for hats and caps and will be adding them also.


This my Cav hat. I'm a big guy with a large cranium so I had to order this while visiting a shop out in Montana to ensure I had a proper fit. The store got it in quickly and called to confirm shipping before I got home. My dear wife wanted to surprise me and have it sent before I arrived, bless her heart, so she paid for it. She nearly died from sticker shock! I'm also wearing a Cav shirt with brass buttons. Garry Owen!




These are Cavalry Lt. Colonel insignia from the Indian Wars era. They are sewn on top of the shirt's shoulders near the sleeve seam. You know why I selected this rank!