I probably watch way too many movies. I know I own too many on DVD (let's not talk about my sizeable obsolete VHS collection). I'm right at about 500 DVD's presently. No, they all are not about General Custer, the 7th US Cavalry, or Indians. That wouldn't be a bad idea however! Fortunately I have a regionless DVD player and can view DVD's from around the world.




This DVD is the Australian version of A&E Television Network's Biography series featuring General George Armstrong Custer. This version is part of the "Wild Wild West!" series.




This DVD is a 1968 release starring Robert Shaw as General Custer. Like most movies historical accuracy is a distant second to plot devices. It is sort of "B" movie on steroids. General Custer is treated fairly well in it however, unlike the piece of rubbish "Little Big Man".





This DVD is a 1997 A&E 'Biography' release. It was a winner of the Western Writers of America Spur Award for best documentary.





This DVD is a 1998 episode of A&E 'The New Explorers'. It was a winner of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame Western Heritage Award for best documentary.





This DVD is an early 2000's release that was certainly worth the $5 pricetag! It brushes over the history pretty quickly and is more like an outline of the war but is 4 hours long and has hours of reenactment footage. General Custer is shown and mentioned only late in the DVD during Appomattox but an actor portraying him is seen in several of the Cavalry scenes.



This is one of those movies I wonder why I like. A mojor portion of it is the cast. Charles Bronson was THE action star of the 1970's. Will Sampson does some fine work as Crazy Horse. Cowboy favorite Clint Walker is the bad guy along with lots of other familiar faces. It's included here because it features Crazy Horse and has Ed Lauter as a bad guy Captain Tom Custer. Well there's one knock against it. Enjoyable as heck especially the dream sequences of the title creature. The movie was a 1977 release and is not available in DVD in the USA. This is UK PAL version.



This stinker was made in 1981 and is just plain awful. I had read that the lead's voice was dubbed due to it's high pitch. A friend of Mr. Klint Spilsbury wrote me to say that it wasn't the pitch at all, but rather "his voice was not 'dramatic' enough for the director's taste." It does manage to stay pretty darned close to the Lone Ranger mythology but the Dukes of Hazard like voice over is miserable. This one is Mystery Science Theater quality. General Custer plays a part in saving the day is why it's included. Don't be a goof like me and buy it. Netflix it so you can get rid of it after it melts your brain with it's awfulness.