I really enjoy reading magazines in addition to books. Here is part of my growing collection of magazines that have General George Armstrong Custer, the US 7th Cavalry, or Indian items related to the Plains Indian Wars.

I just purchased a one hundred piece western magazine collection on May 20th 2009. I'll never get all these magazines scanned and published. Well maybe....eventually.



Research Review: The Journal of the Little Big Horn Associates Volume 22, Number 1 Winter 2008. Outstanding magazine each issue. I urge all readers who have an interest in the Battle of the The Little Big Horn to read these fascinating volumes. This particular issue was a gift from my Swiss friend David Cornut, creator of CusterWest.org .




March 1976 issue of Western Frontier. The cover story is Two Moon telling his version of Custer's Last Stand.




June 1975 issue of True West. The cover story is a a telling of the Battle of The Little Big Horn.



June 1976 issue of Smithsonian Magazine. A feature article about a new painting of Custer's Last Stand and a dig at the site on the 100th anniversary of the battle and they put Arctic semi drivers on the cover? Wow....