I certainly enjoy reading. I read 10+ magazines and at least one book monthly. My eldest daughter and grandchild share my love of the written word. My ever growing collection of soft cover books is presented here.



Here is one of my most prized possessions. It was published in Europe in 2006 and authored by young Swiss writer David Cornut, webmaster of the amazing CusterWest.org. David is one of Europe's most ardent defenders of the United States of America and General George Armstrong Custer. The book is in French but I could still read most of it as many of the words are similar enough to American English to reason them out. David signed the copy and wrote a very warm thank you for some Custer materials I sent him. David's website has more Custer material than you could image.




This title was published in 1996 by Stephen E. Ambrose and is quite an enjoyable read as it compares the seemingly parallel lives of General George Custer and Crazy Horse. Of course it doesn't hurt that they are my two favorite Plains Indian Wars characters. I do feel the 'Custer For President' aspect of The Battle of The Little Big Horn presented is incorrect.



This photo title was published in 2007 by James Brust, Brian Pohanka, and Sandy Barnard. I cannot tell you how valuable this was during my two days spent at the battlefield in summer 2008. It really helps you see the real battlefield, not the road through it but don't step on it version that now exits. I can assure you that it will be tucked in my backpack in any trips I make back to Little Big Horn Battlefield.





This title is thought by many to be the definitive General Custer and The Little Big Horn volume. It certainly warrants inclusion in the top five titles on this subject matter. It was published in 2003 by Larry Sklener.



This title is a large format photo book that is a biography of General Custer. There is text that usually explains the photo and it's relavence to General Custer. The photos are usually of how the various sites now appear. There are 209 full page color photos. It was published by Bill and Jan Moeller.