These are awards that Custer Lives! will present to recommended sites or sites requesting consideration. Not all sites are going to win one if they apply. I'm not doing it to get some quick and easy links for search engine rankings, I'm doing it because I want to recognize work well done.

There are a few rules, but please remember the final decision is mine alone.

  1. I decide what award is won.

  2. No porn, hatemonger, links pages, and the usual waste of time sites are even going to be considered. If my grandkids can't view it, don't bother submitting it.

  3. If you win I'll send you a personalized award that you will need to upload to your site and link it to my site.

  4. Send your site name, your name, your email, and a brief description to to apply.

  5. Sites winning an award will be listed and linked to on my site.

All sites I deem worthy can win this.


All sites I deem 'cool' can win this.


You or your site must be really Patriotic in order to win this.

You cannot apply to win this. It's presented to sites I select.

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