Custer Lives!

General George Armstrong Custer still evokes such strong emotions that it's impossible to have a reasonable conversation with some people about him. I certainly have strong feelings about the General and his career. I will be frequently updating this section with more detailed opinions about his career and deeds. Be sure and check back often.

Civilian George Armstrong Custer

General Custer's Biography

General Custer Memorials

George Custer: Weightlifter

General Custer's NFL connection

General Custer's life insurance

Libbie Custer

Custer re-enactors

Sighting The Enemy Monument

Homesites in Monroe Michigan

Custer Plot in Monroe Michigan

US Civil War General George Armstrong Custer

Battle of Trevilian Station

Michigan Cavalry Wolverines

Gettysburg: Battle at East Field

Battle of Hawe's Shop

General Custer's Battle Flag

General Custer In Kentucky

General Custer requests Tom

General Custer in Texas

Gettysburg: Battle at Hunterstown

George Custer: Aeronaut

Indian Wars General George Armstrong Custer

Battle of the Washita

Comanche - Keogh's Steed

Other Family Killed at LBH

General Custer In Nebraska

General Custer's Funeral

The Custer Elm


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