Photos Of The Battle Of The Washita

The photos below were supplied by Mr. Frank Bodden. Please do not reproduce his images without his permission. Contact CusterLives! and I'll forward your request to him.

Frank was born and raised in the great state of Texas and has resided in the San Diego area for the last 43 years. Frank is a life long student of the Indian Wars, especially the Sioux and Cheyenne Plains Indian Wars. Frank is a member of the Little Big Horn Associates and the Bozeman Trail/Ft. Phil Kearny Associations. Frank makes a trip to those areas every other year with fellow Associate members he has met on Little Big Horn and Indian Wars forums. Frank believes he has visited probably 90% of the major fight and skirmish sites in Montana and Wyoming. Wow!

Mr. Frank Bodden




Thanks again for the use of these photos. Hopefully I'll run into you in person some day at one of these memorable sites.




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