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Custer Plot At Woodland Cemetery

The Custer Plot is a fenced in section of Woodland Cemetery in Monroe, Michigan. It primarily contains the graves of the Custer and Reed families. It's located in the center of the cemetery and has green street signs pointing you to it. My June 2010 vacation review and photos of Woodland Cemetery can be found here.

The Custer plot is surrounded by a metal fence and you cannot enter it. A Historical Marker explains the circumstances of the deaths of Autie Reed and Boston Custer. Autie was the nickname of Harry Armstrong Reed, who was called Autie after his favorite uncle General George Armstrong Custer. Boston Custer was the younger brother of General Custer. Both died on Last Stand Hill with General Custer on June 25, 1876. Autie and Boston were two exceptions to the rule that only commissioned officers would be shipped home for reburial. They were reburied here in 1878.

There are quite a few graves in the plot. Some are famous and some I have never heard of. General Custer's brother Nevin and his sister Margaret are buried here. General Custer's father Emanuel and step-mother Maria are buried here also. They share the tallest monument in the plot with Boston Custer. I saw some markers that appeared to have been damaged and repaired. One repaired marker only has "M. C." visible on it and a large cement patch that obscures everything else.

The Custer family has several US Military veterans buried in it. Two of the more more prominent ones are Colonel Charles Custer and Colonel George A Custer III. The Reed family also has a portion of the Custer Plot. Autie Reed's parents and other family members make their final resting place here. Libbie Bacon Custer's parent's are not buried in the Custer Plot but are buried near the cemetery entrance. Libbie is buried beside her famous husband at West Point.

The cemetery sign pointing out the Custer plot.

 The Custer Plot.

The Boston Custer - Autie Reed Historical Marker in the Custer family plot.

David Reed, father of Autie Reed.

Nevin Custer, brother of General Custer.

 Ann Custer, sister in law of General Custer.

Margaret Custer, sister of General Custer.

Colonel Charles A. Custer, a decorated veteran.

Emanuel and Maria Custer, the General's father and step-mother, are buried under the tall marker. Boston is also listed on it.

Boston Custer, brother of General Custer. This marker is to the left of the tall marker in the photo in the opposite pane.

Another view of the Custer tall monument.

The Maria Custer text.

The Boston Custer text.

The Emanuel Custer text.

This Custer plot marker only has "M. C." visible on it.

George A. Custer III was a highly decorated combat veteran.

Autie Reed, General Custer's nephew.

Autie Reed, General Custer's nephew.


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