Custer Lives!

Little Big Horn Battlefield


In July 2008 I spent two days walking, photographing, and video taping the Little Big Horn Battlefield. I was so in awe of the place I did a really poor job of taking photographs and video. I certainly will be better prepared for my return trip. If you go to the Battlefield drive your vehicle, park it in the designated areas along the roadway, and get out and walk. You won't be sorry. I also avoided the tour bus trips, they were in and out quickly and frankly some of the guides I overheard didn't always provide factual information. I don't think they were trying to mislead their customers, they were just incorrect. The Park Rangers were very professional and always quick to provide assistance. The wonderful Crow Indian ladies I spoke with inside the Visitor Center and gift shop were very cheerful and helpful also. I was also able to provide some assistance on our American ways to several Europeans I encountered while visiting.

If you do decide to walk the battlefield I suggest a taking a small pack of some sort. Include snacks, water (lots!), notepad, pen, cell phone for emergencies, extra camera batteries, extra film if you are not in the digital age, extra video in your format of choice, and a small first aid kit. I also highly recommend a mid-length hiking boot as there are still some trails to be walked in the high grass and brush. Not only will you not get sore feet or a turned ankle, you'll have better protection against a potential snake bite. I had on a small backpack, that my camelback waterpack attached to, and it was just right for hiking the battlefield. The camelback didn't quite work out as well. The coolest day I had there was 91 degrees. The high temperatures and the blazing sun at high elevations soon rendered the water in my camelback far too hot to drink. Fortunately I had several bottles of water in the backpack and they retained a drinkable temperature. The only other "problem" I had was grasshoppers. If you have an aversion to grasshoppers forget going here to vacation in summer. I have never seen so many in my life, I'm over fifty and counting! When walking the paths those grasshoppers were literally in every square foot and hopped like crazy as you walked through them. They, fortunately, are harmless and merely a minor irritant.

Since the Battlefield is so large and there so many areas that are almost stand alone sections of it, I have broken it down into several pages to improve your loading times.

If you would like to use one the images on these pages please email me and I'll send you a high resolution large format copy instead of the lower quality images used here. Now onto the images.


Visitor Center

Reno Hill

Last Stand Hill

The Battlefield

Battlefield Markers page one

Battlefield Markers page two

Custer National Cemetery

Indian Memorial