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In July 2008 after completing my Little Big Horn Battlefield vacation I went to the Custer Battlefield Museum in Garryowen, Montana. The Custer Battlefield Museum sits on the spot where Major Marcus Reno attacked the Indian camp. The town of Garryowen is about the size of postage stamp! There's a gas station, a post office, and a well stocked 'trading post'. I sent myself a General George Custer postcard so I could have the Garryowen postmark. The staff of the store and post office were very friendly and extremely helpful.

The Museum opened right on time and the clerk inside was extremely polite and helpful. There are so many amazing items exhibited inside. There was a display of General Custer's hair (it was a dark strawberry blonde), Sitting Bull's Buffalo Bill contract, a Kerr revolver belonging to Captain Thomas (Tom) Custer, and so much more. Unfortunately photography and video taping is not allowed. The admission was a very reasonable five dollars. If you visit the Battlefield and not this museum, then your visit will be incomplete. It is certainly a "must see" site.

Outside the museum is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Bronze statues of the two great leaders of the battle, General George Armstrong Custer and Sitting Bull, are posted on either side.



In September 2009 I received an email from Mr. Christopher Kortlander about my website and his museum. It was a pleasure to hear from a man who has spent so much time and money to preserve the many items pertaining to the Battle of The Little Big Horn and it's participants. The only disappointment I had during my visit to the Custer Battlefield Museum was not being able to meet Mr. Kortlander while I was there. You can visit the museum's website at

The parking lot and sign outside the museum.

The interstate sign to Garryowen, Montana.

The memorial to the battle and the Unknown Soldier.

The tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The sign explaining Garryowen and the Battle of The Little Big Horn.

Closeup of the sign explaining Garryowen and the Battle of The Little Big Horn.

General George Armstrong Custer.

General George Armstrong Custer.

Chief Sitting Bull.

Captain Tom Custer's Kerr revolver. This photograph is used with the written permission of the Custer Battlefield Museum which retains it's image copyright. Please do not reuse the image. Any copyright infringements found will be reported to the owner.

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