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The Indian Camp At The Battle Of The Little Big Horn


In July 2008 after completing my visit to the Custer Battlefield Museum in Garryowen, Montana I went and viewed the area where the Indian Camp was located. This area is privately owned and respecting property rights, I did not venture out onto it. You can walk up to the edge of it just outside of the Custer Battlefield Museum. I can imagine the land looking very similar to what it does now when Major Marcus Reno threw out his skirmish line near the south end of the camp. I shot the photos from the Custer Battlefield Museum lot and along an access road to Garryowen, Montana from the interstate.

The sign is for the Custer Battlefield Museum.

That's Last Stand Hill in the center.

Sitting Bull's tipi is thought to have been in this area.

That's Reno Hill on the right side of this photo.

Last Stand Hill from the Indian campsite.

A view from the interstate access road.

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