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John "Portuguese" Phillips Monument


In August 2008 I visited the John "Portuguese" Phillips Monument outside Fort Phil Kearny in Wyoming. The monument site is outside of Fort Phil Kearny. The monument is, like Fort Phil Kearney, a Registered National Historic Landmark. There isn't much to see at the monument and even less to do. Since it's outside Fort Phil Kearny I suggest going there first.

After Captain William Judd Fetterman and his men were wiped out on December 21, 1866 Portuguese Phillips rode 236 miles in hostile Indian territory, from Fort Phil Kearny to Fort Laramie, to carry the news. The trip was made in sub-zero temperatures and virtually alone. During the trip Portuguese Phillips carried 100 rounds of rifle ammunition which he strapped on his ankles. The weight helped keep his feet in the stirrups.

The Information sign pointing to the monument spelled his name Portugee instead of Portuguese. I do not know which is correct.


 The monument outside Fort Phil Kearny.

The sign on the way to the monument.

John "Portuguese" Phillips.


The entire monument site.


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