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Wagon Box Fight


In August 2008 I visited the site of the Wagon Box Fight in Wyoming. It's marked well on the travel route and is near several homes. I was the only person there so it was easy to take photos. The grounds were clean and maintained. There are numerous signs that explain the what and where of the Wagon Box Fight. All were easy to read and in good shape.

There is a slight discrepancy of where the wagons were actually circled for the fight. Both sites are at the designated Historic Site and only a few feet from each other.

The Wagon Box Fight took place on August 2, 1867 when 28 Soldiers from the US Army 27th Infantry Company C and 4 civilians circled supply wagons and held off 1,000 to 1,500 Indian attackers. The battle lasted about six hours before the Indians withdrew after an Army relief column with a howitzer opened fire. The US Army had new breech loading rifles and the amount of firepower they were able to lay down perhaps surprised the Indians. Chief Red Cloud is usually credited with leading the Indian forces.

The sign just outside the Wagon Box Fight.

The sign up close.

The sign at the Wagon Box Fight.

The sign up close.

Looking toward the battlefield from the parking lot.

The wagons were corralled in a circle inside the red posts.

This monument was erected in 1936.

The 1936 monument plague.

This monument was placed here in 1919 and was originally thought to be the battlefield location.

Looking back at the battlefield from the 1919 monument. The corralled wagons made a small circle.


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