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Mount Rushmore


In August 2008 while vacationing in North Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming I decided to return home to Indiana traveling through South Dakota. I thought about visiting Mount Rushmore and initially decided against it. I thought "I've seen it enough on postcards, TV, and books....there can't be much more to it.". After consulting my handy PC travel program I saw that I would only have to veer about thirty minutes out of my way to see Mount Rushmore. And all I had to do was stand and look at the sculpture for a few minutes and leave....ninety minutes out of my way at most, right? Well after I got there I found there was much more to see there than the sculptures. The impressive entrance, the flag display, gift shops, guest services, museums, an impressive array of displays, a movie, and more. Needless to say I was there much longer than 30 minutes. I was very pleased I had decided to make the stop and quite in awe of the sculptures on Mount Rushmore. I would recommend this stop to anyone vacationing in the Dakotas.

The displays and grounds were immaculately clean and all the personnel working there were warm and friendly. Parking was a breeze. The drive to the monument was beautiful although you had to use a little caution due to the steep inclines, declines, busy tourist traffic, and winding roads.

On the way back to my car I met a young lady who was sunning her beautiful long haired red wiener dog. I stopped and conversed with her and petted the wiener dog. I have two short haired miniature red wieners. It was just nice sitting there in the sun, talking about our dogs, homes, etc. We pretty much just had our wiener dogs in common but we talked for quite a while and enjoyed ourselves. I think Mount Rushmore should get some of the credit for that. It's grandeur and significance, bringing Americans together.

I included this page in Custer Vacations since it's in the Dakotas (Custer Country) and the General served under President Lincoln.

The entrance from the parking lot .

Preparing to enter.

Each state and territory is represented by it's flag. They are in the sequence they joined the union.

The view once you pass all the buildings.

The sculptures are truly enormous. President Washington's nose is nineteen feet.

To see these massive sculptures in person is quite amazing.

Below the bottom of the photo there is a an open air amphitheater.

Gutzon Borglum, the man whose vision created the National Monument.

The monument with some beautiful South Dakota sky.

A view of President Washington from outside the park.


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