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Lincoln's Tomb


In August 2008 I visited Lincoln's Tomb in Springfield, IL. The top of the monument was closed for repairs and fenced off. I don't know if it was a defect in the monument or an early preparation for President Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday. I enjoyed my visit anyway.

The grounds were clean and the monument was spotless even with the construction. There was an informative guide inside who provided a lot of good information. Statues of President Lincoln are in the halls and represent different stages of his career. I discovered that President Lincoln was a military officer in Illinois. The President's spouse, Mary, is also buried inside along with most of the children.

President Lincoln was buried in the suit he wore to his second inauguration and under ten feet of concrete so there would be no more attempts to hold his body for ransom. The guide stated that when President Lincoln was repositioned during the monument's reconfiguration, a small hole was made in the coffin and his face was still recognizable.

When I entered his burial chamber I swear I could still feel an aura of greatness. The flags from the states President Lincoln resided in were amongst the flags lining the chamber. My adopted state of Indiana was there.

There was a good souvenir shop outside the cemetery gates. It contained lots of items for purchase and US Civil War artifacts on display. I laid down some of my hard earned money on some very moderately priced, but nice, busts of President Lincoln.

I included President Lincoln in the Custer Vacation section due to the fact he was General George Armstrong Custer's Commander In Chief during the US Civil War.

The sign at the entrance to the tomb. It's set fairly deep in the cemetery.

The front of the tomb. The construction fence and port-o-potty unfortunately are visible.

The rear of the tomb. This used to be the front. In the past, visitor's could not enter and looked through a window in the center door.

The Gettysburg Address over the entrance.

The rotunda as you enter. The old polished stone in the walls was magnificent.

President Lincoln's final resting place. Now he belongs to the ages.

One of the statues that are placed in the halls.

President Lincoln above the door to enter his tomb.

Each branch of the US Military is represented by a statue atop the tomb. I naturally chose to show the US Army Cavalry!

My favorite photo I took at the tomb. The original 11mb version is beautiful. That's a little large to download.....


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