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Lincoln Library And Museum


In August 2008 I visited Springfield Illinois to view the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. There was lots of free parking within a block or two which was nice on the budget as I had been on the road for nearly two weeks. I began at Union Square Park. It has several statues, displays, beautiful flowers, and tons of information about President Abraham Lincoln and Springfield Illinois. The building and grounds were absolutely immaculate.

I next ventured across the street to the Presidential Library. It was neat to a book-a-holic like myself and probably overwhelming to a President Lincoln scholar. It was also extremely well maintained.

I next went to the Abraham Lincoln Museum. The entry fee was modest I felt and the staff was polite and helpful. The building and grounds continued to be extremely well maintained. Unfortunately photography of any type was limited to the rotunda and exteriors. There was quite a bit to see and do inside. The wax figures were amazing and eerily lifelike. The Lincoln's and members of the administration were in each room of the White House performing their tasks. There were real persons portraying figures from that era explaining what was going on. The interior of the White House was breathtaking and moving at times. The look on President Lincoln's face as he checked on his ill son actually evoked emotion from me, it seemed so real. The gift shop was large and filled with items in a vast price range, something for any budget. Shipping costs were reasonable for larger items. I purchased a few items and concluded my 2008 vacation season.

There's tons of stuff I didn't visit in Springfield due to being worn out. I had been on the road for two weeks, done nearly a week's worth of hiking in 90+ degree heat, and driven 3500 miles with several hundred more looming to get home. I left vowing to return.


Union Square Park across the street from President Lincoln's Presidential Library and Museum.

A closeup of the statue in the photo to the left.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library.

The Abraham Lincoln Museum.

When President Lincoln found out I was a visitor from Indiana he just had to have his photo made with me.

Young Abe Lincoln outside his family's one room camp in my home state of Indiana.

Powerful orator Frederick Douglas and heroine Harriet Tubman were discussing the prospects for freed slaves in the north.

General Ulysses Grant and General George McClellan were overheard discussing the Union's star cavalryman General George Armstrong Custer!

The fiendish assassin John Wilkes Booth lurks outside the White House.


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