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In June 2009 I visited the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art in Indianapolis as it celebrates it's 20th anniversary. This outstanding museum was featured, along with it's fantastic art festival, in a spring 2009 issue of Native Peoples magazine. The facility exterior and grounds were very clean and well kept. The construction of several hotels across the street was quite distracting while outside but you couldn't hear it inside. The interior was extremely clean, well lighted, well laid out, and the staff was helpful and polite. Parking was very reasonable and the Indiana State Museum, NCAA Hall of Fame Museum, and IMAX theatre are all on the same grounds so you can literally make a day of it without ever leaving.

There are many wonderful items to view on display. In addition to the western paintings, many of them quite famous, there are sculptures and inter-active exhibits along with a very large number of Indian artifacts. The museum is much more than an art museum. Miami Indian history is prevalent in Indiana and a large portion of the artifacts and exhibits deal with that Nation. All sections of the country are represented however, including my people, the Shawnee. For Custer buffs, the Plains Indians are well represented. Unlike many art museums, flashless photography is allowed in all halls except the special exhibitions hall.

I heartily recommend the Museum restaurant. The meals are large and reasonably priced in addition to being delicious, unlike most museum "meals". They are of a western style dining and you can even get buffalo items. My youngest son Bryan even went back for a second meal he liked it so much!

My tour concluded in the well stocked gift shop with reasonable prices. Of course I made some purchases as usual, even one for the divine Mrs. Raisovich. I enjoyed my visit so much I purchased a membership. A non-member visit will only set you back $8 for an adult ticket so it's quite the bargain compared to many museum visits.

Unfortunately I forgot my notebook and didn't get any notes about these images. I'll update the untitled ones after I make my return visit.

The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art is featured in the September 2009 issue of 'True West' magazine.

 The sidewalk view from along West Washington Street/ US 40.

The view from the sidewalk. Parking is underneath the museum so I had to walk away from it to get this photo.

This is the museum's newest piece. It depicts two Shawnee, hopefully ancestors of mine!


This beautiful Cherokee bag was a gift to then General Andrew Jackson from Sam Houston.

Garry Owen!

A Potawatoemi saddle frame on loan from the National Museum of The American Indian.

A display about the great Shawnee Tecumseh, who fought to push the White invaders out of Indiana.

A beautiful Lakota dress. It contains multiple swastikas which the Nazi's perverted into a loathsome symbol.

A display of a Crow horse and a dress.

A buffalo hunt.

A fearsome Indian charge.

A wigwam made of thin tree bark.

I could have used these beautiful pieces to transport my twin sons.

Indian duck decoys for hunting.

The stagecoach is part of the hands on exhibits and you can get inside.

An impressive headdress.

This piece is at the entrance.


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