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North Dakota State History Museum


In July 2008 I stopped in at the North Dakota State History Museum in Bismarck. The facility exterior and grounds were very clean and well kept. The interior was extremely clean, well lighted, laid out well, and had a wonderfully helpful staff. I chatted with several cheerful staff members, and one in particular in the main office, who were helpful in pointing out items and making me feel welcome. First class all the way.

There were so many wonder items to view on display I was enthralled for hours. Since this a General George Armstrong Custer, US 7th Cavalry, Plains Indians, and Plains Indian Wars website I did not include any other type photos. There are so many other wonderful things to look at that I feel bad about excluding them. Wildlife, prehistoric beasts, North Dakota 20th century, and more. My number two vacation passion was well represented also...dinosaurs!!! A nearly complete mummified hadrosaur was a new display. It was like viewing a live dinosaur asleep. Unfortunately it couldn't be photographed or I'd post it in here just because I liked it so much.

My tour concluded in a well stocked gift shop with reasonable prices. Of course I made some purchases, even one for Mrs. Raisovich.


 A wire buffalo statue at the entrance.

Indian art depicting a smallpox outbreak that decimated a village.

A Model 1840 heavy Cavalry saber and canteen found at the Battle of Stony Lake site.

Artwork depicting the Battle of Stony Creek.

A .44 caliber percussion Model 1860 Officer's revolver.

A Plains Indian Wars field hospital kit.

Crucifixes similar to ones worn by Sitting Bull. They were a gift to him from Jesuit Father DeSmet in 1868.

Cavalry Springfield Trapdoor carbine and saber.

A pictograph belonging to Sitting Bull.

A peace pipe broken by Sitting Bull after his ghost dance was disturbed.

Indian art of Sitting Bull's death.

Indian Police equipment.

A McClellan saddle.

A buckskin shirt belonging to One Bull.

A ghost dance shirt belonging to Sitting Bull. WOW!

Sitting Bull's original headstone.


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