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Crazy Horse's Death Site


On July 7, 2009 I visited the site of Crazy Horse's death in Fort Robinson, Nebraska. As I visited Fort Robinson I kept getting drawn back to this site. Crazy Horse is by far the Plains Indian I would choose to pick up my rifle and follow in his time. I literally got a chill the first time I stood at his memorial marker. I decided to give the great Ogallala Chief his own page instead of including it on the Fort Robinson page.

The memorial stone isn't actually his death site. It is where Crazy Horse was bayoneted in the back while allegedly trying to escape. After being bayoneted on September 5, 1877 Crazy Horse was taken to the Adjutant's Office where he perished a few hours later. I am glad the great leader didn't die in a jail cell.

Behind the Crazy Horse Monument is a replica guardhouse like the one he was being led into prior to his bayoneting. A replica Adjutant's Office is next door. I could not get into the guardhouse or office but was able to easily see inside. They were furnished like it was during the time Crazy Horse was there.

You can read about the great Sioux leader here. I always make it known when I put an opinion on one of my pages instead of a fact. When you read my Crazy Horse page about his death I state my opinion that he was murdered. I watched a History Channel DVD I recently purchased (August 2009) about the death of Crazy Horse. They too believed Crazy Horse was murdered. As I always say, read as much as you can from both sides or points of view before deciding.

The spot where the great Crazy Horse was slain.

This display shows the how the site looked in 1884.

Close up of the monument text.

I got chills as I stood at the site of this great man's death.

A replica guardhouse.

The foundation of one of the original guardhouses.


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