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In July 2009 I visited Shawnee, Missouri to view the site of William Clarke Quantrill's raid. About all there is to see, is the marker erected in 1987 by the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce. It's a nice quiet little town which still retains a flavor from years gone past. I have to say the town's streets were well maintained and I didn't see a piece of litter anywhere.

On October 17, 1862 Confederate guerrilla leader Quantrill and his followers took a trip to what was then called Shawneetown, Kansas. Traveling to their destination, they came across a Union supply train. The Confederate raiders encircled the train and killed fifteen of the drivers and some members of the Union escort. Arriving in Shawneetown, they corralled the residents into the square at this site. Most of the town's buildings and homes were looted and set on fire nearly destroying the town. Thirteen persons were injured and two citizens murdered during this US Civil War raid. I viewed quite a large number of artifacts from this battle, and the people involved in it, at the Kansas State Historical Society Museum in Topeka earlier in the week.


 The photos below show all four sides of the square where the raid took place.


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