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Daniel Boone Gravesite


In July 2009 I visited the Daniel Boone gravesite in Missouri. Yes I know that Kentucky also claims to have the great explorer's grave. I'm not going to get into that controversy! This page is just going to be about the gravesite. It's on a winding country road that's fairly isolated. There is some very limited roadside parking on the opposite side of the road from the grave. It's not really a problem since there were only two other visitors while I was there and they left as I arrived, leaving me all alone.

After parking I crossed the road and went up the hill that had a dirt path with wood planks every few yards for steps. Arriving at the graveyard, I observed several other graves. Four were directly at the foot of Daniel Boone's grave and several others beyond those. Even older graves were in a fenced in area behind Daniel Boone's headstone.

Daniel Boone's grave is enclosed in a small metal fence on three sides. It's quite easy to reach and touch the headstone if you desire. The very nice black stone plaque above the grave is a very new addition to the grave. I was amused by the dedication date of July 25, 2009 since that date hadn't arrived yet. I would have liked to have hung around for the dedication but my schedule wouldn't allow it. The graveyard was very well maintained. The grass was trimmed and no trash visible. Best of all, there was no graffiti even in this isolated area.

There is no fee to see the graveyard. There is a small information post and board near the Boone grave. There's a small box for donations between the grave and information posts. The funding for the graveyard is maintained by donations so I slipped a few dollars in prior to leaving.


The view from the parking area toward the graveyard.

The roadside marker.

The dirt path up the hill to the grave.

The legendary explorer's grave.

The newly dedicated marker.

Bryan family graves at the foot of Daniel Boone's grave.


The old graves behind Daniel Boone's.

One of the graves behind Boone's.


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