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I felt there were just too many items of interest I couldn't fit onto the first page, so I decided to add another page of photos.

General Custer's Trevilian Station coat.


The law book General Custer used in his court martial.


An article of Libbie's clothing.


A saddle used by General Custer.


A piece of General Custer's luggage that was taken at Trevilian Station.

A stool used by General Custer while in the field.

Libbie Custer's dolls slept here.


General Custer's desk from Fort Abraham Lincoln.


Some of Libbie Custer's school books.


An Indian peace pipe owned by General Custer.


A trunk belonging to Libbie Custer.


Libbie's "Tenting On The Plains" tent.

George Custer's field glasses.


A Custer wedding gift.


General Custer's famous curly hair.

Libbie Custer's school desk.

A knife owned by General Custer.

Two hunting rifles used by General Custer.

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