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Prophet's Town


In June 2010 I visited the site of Prophet's Town near Lafayette, Indiana. It's easy to get to and there's a very close Indiana State Park to spend time at. The park is slightly more than one quarter mile away. The actual site of the Pan-Indian Confederacy retains nothing but a historical marker erected in 1977 at the intersection of State Road 225 and Huston Road. The Great Shawnee leader Tecumseh and the Prophet, his brother, established the site in 1808 to train midwestern Indians to resist the ever intruding US Army and Americans. Over one thousand Warriors and their families resided here in a town that extended nearly two miles. After losing the Battle of Tippecanoe, on November 7, 1811 to The US Army, the entire town was burned to the ground by the victors.

I know it's not really a General Custer or plains Indian event but it's an important battle site to me as my mother is one half Shawnee. It was also a crucial element of The War Of 1812 and helped lead the way to the opening of the west.


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