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Last Stand Hill At The Little Big Horn Battlefield


In late July 2008 I arrived at the Battle of The Little Big Horn determined to walk the battlefield in the sequence it unfolded. I failed miserably. I could not resist the temptation to go to Last Stand Hill first. There I felt a sense of awe and sadness. Standing at the very spot that forever changed the American West I envisioned the events that took place here. I was at the Park very early and the silence and loneliness contrasting with the incredible violence that took place here was a feeling I shall long remember.

Last Stand Hill as viewed from the north end of the Indian camp. This photo was taken outside the Little Big Horn Battlefield on privately owned land.

Last Stand Hill as viewed while walking up the path from the Visitor Center.

Wooden Leg and other Indian Warriors fired on the doomed Troopers of the US 7th Cavalry on Last Stand Hill from this position.

Last Stand Hill as viewed from Calhoun Hill.

 The mass grave of the US 7th Cavalry.

General George Armstrong Custer's marker is in the center of this photo. The General is alleged to have fallen at the position I took this photo from.

The marker in the foreground is the US 7th Cavalry Horse mass grave. Lt Charles F Roe lead the US 2nd Cavalry in July 1881 on this detail.

General George Armstrong Custer's initial burial site and marker. The General is now at West Point, the US Military Academy.

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